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Mozaics™ Real Veggie Chips embed visible peas and beans in a popped snack chip, enabling the delivery of real nutrition from veggies in a low-calorie savory snack.

Mozaics™ Real Veggie Chips are a nutritious, delicious, and high-quality alternative to traditional potato and corn-based chips and snack foods, featuring real veggies rather than vegetable powders and pastes. Popped, not fried, Mozaics™ are low in calories and deliver protein and fiber as well as being a delicious salty snack. Mozaics™ are made with simple ingredients, including green peas, yellow peas, potatoes, and extra virgin olive oil.

Mozaics™ are not fried or popped starch. Most “vegetable chips” are fried slices of non-potato starchy vegetables like yam, cassava, taro, etc., or they are popped chips or extruded “puffs” comprised primarily of starch and vegetable oils, with a small amount of vegetable powders added as positioning ingredients. Mozaics’ first ingredient by weight are peas: about 30-33% of the component of the chips. We believe that this feature makes Mozaics™ a better choice for nutrition-minded snackers.

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    4710 N. Sheridan Road
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